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Frequently Asked Questions


How Much space do I need for the bouncy castle?
You are responsible to ensure that you have enough space to fit in your Bouncy Castle. If you are unsure if your castle will fit please ask us and we will be happy to tell you how much space you will need.  We reserve the right to refuse to set up the Bouncy Castle if we feel the lack of space makes it unsafe to use.

Do I have to set up the bouncy castle?
No, we will deliver your bouncy castle and set it up following all health and safety guidelines and carry out any risk assessments. At the end of your party, we will come at an arranged time with you, clean the bouncy castle before deflating it and packing it away.
We have a face painter coming, are the children allowed on the equipment?
No, unfortunately children who have had their face painted will not be allowed on the bouncy castle.  The paint will stain the bouncy castle resulting in additional cleaning costs which you will be responsible for.
What time are deliveries and collections?
We aim to be as flexible as possible with delivery and collection times and are happy to arrange times with our customers before the date of hire. Usually, hire times are between 9am and 7pm.  This will vary during winter months as we need enough light to inspect the bouncy castle for any damage during collection.
Will you require access to an electric outlet?
Yes we will require access to an electric outlet.  If outside there must be access to an electric outlet within 50 metres of the back of the bouncy castle. If this is not possible, we may be able to provide you with a generator. There will be an extra charge in such cases.
What do I have to do before you arrive?
You would have already measured the area to check the bouncy castle you require fits in the space you wish it to go.  You will require at least two feet around the perimeter of the bouncy castle.  You will need to allow six foot at the back to accommodate the blower and extra space at the front to allow children to get off and on the step.
You must ensure that the area the bouncy castle is to be placed is clear of any objects, including pet mess and sharp stones. Our staff are not able to assist in moving any objects. If you fail to do this, we may refuse to put up the bouncy castle.
All of our inflatables are transported on a sack trolley and we will need clear access for this. Please ensure any bins are moved along with any objects which may prevent us gaining access to the area you wish the bouncy castle to be erected.   Bouncy castles can not be lifted under any circumstance.
If we are unable to gain access with a sack trolley we will not be able to provide you with a bouncy castle. If you feel access may be a problem please call us on 07402226842 to discuss.
Does it matter if my garden is sloping?
Ideally, bouncy castles should be put up on flat surfaces, but shallow slopes may still be suitable. If you are unsure if the slope in your garden is suitable we can come round to your property in advance to tell you if we can set up a bouncy castle on your slope. If we arrive and the slope is too steep we may decide not to erect the bouncy castle so please check if you are unsure.
Does it matter what kind of surface my garden has?
Yes, we can only erect our bouncy castles on grass where they can be staked down. We will also supply safety mats and safe play guidelines. There must be no objects that can dirty or damage the unit, such as dog mess or sharp stones. If you have any questions please contact us.
Do you have adult bouncy castles?
We have an 18’ x 15’ bouncy castle that is suitable for adults, however, people who are under the influence of alcohol are forbidden from using the bouncy castle. We can also supply sumo suits for both adults and children and a 17’ x 20’ gladiator arena. All our other inflatables are suitable only for children under the age of 11.  If adults or older teenagers use these products, they could damage it, and you will be charged for the repair or replacement.
Can I turn the bouncy castle off when people are using it?
Do NOT turn the unit off when people are still on it. The fan must be kept running at all times when the castle is in use. You must also NOT touch the fan at any time. You can turn the electric supply off at the socket, but you can only do this when it is safe to do so. There must be no children on the castle when the unit is deflating or inflating.
Can I move the bouncy castle?
Under no circumstances should you attempt to move the castle once we have secured it. We will talk to you about the place of installation before we set it up.
It is windy - is the castle safe to use?
As the bouncy castles are pegged down when outside, they are completely safe in light winds. In strong winds, however, we recommend that you turn the unit off. If the weather forecast predicts particularly bad weather including high winds, we will call you. We will not charge for cancellations due to poor weather.
It is raining - do I have to turn off my castle?
All of our bouncy castles come with rain covers, and are safe if there are light showers.  In the event of heavy rain, you should stop using the bouncy castle as when the bouncy castle's bed becomes wet, it can become extremely slippery and dangerous. We will check the weather forecast the day before and will contact you if the forecast is bad.
The weather forecast predicted wind, rain or other bad weather - can I still hire a bouncy castle? Will I have to pay?
When the weather is particularly bad then from a safety view we would not hire you a bouncy castle unless you are able to have your bouncy castle inside. If the rain is heavy the bouncy castle's bouncing area will become extremely slippery and dangerous to anyone using it, again if there are high winds (or gusts) the bouncy castle would be unsafe to use. If you have hired a bouncy castle from us for outside use, and the weather forecast is bad for the day of your hire, we will call you to discuss the weather in detail.
Can I let my pet on the bouncy castle?
No, pets are not allowed on the bouncy castle. They can cause damage to the unit. If a bouncy castle is damaged due to a pet being allowed on the castle you will be charged for the repair and any transit costs.
The kids are having so much fun can we keep the bouncy castle for longer?
Unfortunately, we are unable to change hire times on the date of hire. We have very tight schedules when delivering and picking up bouncy castles so we will be unable to leave bouncy castles or other play items for longer than the times agreed when you booked. If you require more information please call us on 07402226842.
Can we change the times of hire of the bouncy castle on the day of the hire?
Unfortunately, we are unable to change hire times on the date of hire as we have very tight schedules to keep to. If you need to change the times of your bouncy castle hire you need to contact us by the day before your hire at the very latest. If you require more information please call us on 07402226842.
Because you have insurance, am I also covered?
Our insurance policy only covers accidents that are a result of our negligence.  We recommend that you take out your own insurance for the day of the event.
How late can I leave it before I book bouncy castle hire?
You should make a booking as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. However, we will always do all we can to ensure you receive a castle on the time and day you require. Summer months are always very busy so we would advise you to book as far in advance as possible for these months.
What do I do if the fan stops working?
In the extremely unlikely event that the fan stops working, you must get everyone off the bouncy castle immediately. Then, unplug the power supply and call us. We will come to visit you straight away so we can fix the problem.
I only need bouncy castle hire for a few hours - can I receive a discount?
The price remains the same if you hire the castle for one hour or six hours. The amount of work we have to do will remain the same regardless of the bouncy castle hire period.
Can I collect and set up the castle myself?
For health and safety reasons, only N1 Inflatable Fun staff can deliver and erect the bouncy castle.
Can I arrange overnight bouncy castle hire?
Unfortunately, due to insurance purposes we are unable to offer overnight bouncy castle hire.
When will you refuse to provide bouncy castle hire?
We will refuse to erect a castle when we feel it is unsafe to do so, if there is animal mess on the ground, is there is too steep a slope, if there is not enough space,  if we feel it will be damaged or if we have not received full payment. To ensure we do not refuse to erect your bouncy castle please contact us to discuss any concerns.