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Low Height Bouncy Castles

We are able to provide a variety of inflatables to suit your every occasion, from a children's party to an adults corporate event.  We would be very happy to recommend an inflatable that best suits your requirements.  
Low Height bouncy castles are generally advertised for children up to 11 years of age but please be advised that if your child is taller then the inside walls of the castle then they are too big.  Our 15ft x 11ft castles are suitable for 4-6 children at any one time.  If you have older children please enquire about our adult slide, adult castles or our Disco Dome which is suitable for 6-8 children or 3 adults at any one time. Our Whack A Mole is also suitable for for adults and children age 7-8 upwards.
Please refer to individual items on our site for the type, style, size and price.  All equipment is hired out on a daily rate. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the required space for the inflatable you have hired. Our tallest indoor unit is our Disco dome which is 13.5ft high so please ensure that if you choose this unit your venue is tall enough to accommodate the height.  We reserve the right to refuse to set up if the space available is too small and would pose a Health & Safety risk to users.

For security we would require two forms of ID for all hires. One must be a current utility bill with the hirer's name and address on and the second would be either your passport or driving license.

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