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Terms & Conditions

Please note that with all bookings we will take £50 deposit on the day of your party.  This deposit will be returned upon collection of the equipment once we are happy there is no damage.


1. To secure your hire we require a £20 booking fee which will be deducted from your hire cost on the day of your party.  This is non refundable if you cancel your booking. 

2. If N1 Inflatable Fun cancel your booking due to rain or high winds/gusts we will return your booking fee.

3. On the day of your party, when we come to set up, we will collect your full hire cost, minus the £20 booking fee, plus the £50 deposit.  In the event that your payment is not available when we come to set up, we will not be able to leave the equipment with you. 

4. Your deposit will be returned to you upon collection once we are happy that the equipment is in the same condition as it was when we delivered it, with no missing items, no damage and not in an excessively dirty condition.

5. No face paints, party poppers, confetti, colored streamers or silly string to be used either on or near the soft play, play equipment and/or inflatables.  If upon collection the equipment is stained with face paint your deposit will NOT be returned and you may receive a further invoice for additional repair/cleaning costs.

6. The units have height/age suitability.  Please make sure no adults use one of our units that is only built for children as this may result in the unit becoming damaged which would be your responsibility to pay for any repairs, loss of earnings and costs incurred to us because of this.

7. Equipment must be returned in the same condition as it was delivered in. If it is returned in a dirty condition as deemed by N1 Inflatable Fun at the time of collection then this will result in the loss of some or all of your deposit.  An invoice will be sent for any additional costs incurred which would need to be paid within 7 days of the date of invoice.  Any damage/loss of soft play equipment will be chargeable at an appropriate amount ie. cost of repair or replacement.

8. We cancel all booking when wind/gusts are forecast at 24MPH.  We will check the weather forecast before your party and contact you if we have any concerns that the weather is not going to be safe.

9. If the inflatable is not being used for any part of the day it can be switched off at the mains.  Please do not allow users to be on the unit during deflation and inflation.

10. In the event of heavy rain, please leave the inflatable up but do not let anyone use it.  A small table placed over the blower will help prevent any rainwater being sucked into the blower, and then into the inflatable. Once the rain has stopped a towel can be used to clean up any water or bubbles. 

11. Please allow up to 45 minutes before the event for N1 Inflatable Fun to deliver and set up the equipment and also 45 minutes after the event to take them down and remove the equipment.

12. The Hirer must ensure the equipment is supervised at ALL times by a responsible person over the age of 18.  

13. N1 Inflatable Fun will set up the equipment taking into account full safety of the children, and therefore large equipment, such as bouncy castle(s) and other inflatables must not be moved. We will not accept any liability for accidents, injury or damage during the period of hire if this has occurred. Photographs are taken to evidence this upon setup.

14. Do not allow children with medical conditions, which may put them at risk of injury (i.e. brittle bone disease or temporary injuries), to use the soft play/play equipment/inflatables.

15. No food, drink or shoes to be allowed on or near the soft play/inflatables.

16. STRICTLY no alcohol or drug use on or near the soft play, play equipment or inflatables – N1 Inflatable Fun will not be held liable for any damage, accidents or injury that occurs due to the consumption and effects of alcohol and/or drug use.

17. The soft play and play equipment is strictly for use by children under the age of 5 years.

18. Shoes MUST be removed before using the soft play, play equipment and/or inflatables. Parents/guardians who enter the Soft Play area or walk over the padded floor tiles whilst supervising must remove their shoes, particularly heels. Any damage will result in the deposit being retained to go towards repair or replacement costs. It may also result in the Hirer having to pay an additional fee if the deposit does not cover the full amount.

19. The Hirer must ensure that all sharp objects, including but not limited to, badges, spectacles, earrings, jewelry etc. are removed prior to accessing the Soft Play, play equipment and/or inflatables to ensure it remains undamaged. If damage does occur the deposit will not be returned and the hirer will incur a repair or replacement charge to be paid immediately, unless otherwise agreed.

20. Children must NOT push, collide, fight or behave in a manner likely to injure or cause distress to others.

21. Always ensure that no overcrowding occurs on all soft play, play equipment and/or inflatables, limit numbers according to the age and size of children using it.

22. No smoking or barbecues near the soft play, play equipment and/or inflatables.

23. No pets or animals to be allowed on or near the soft play, play equipment or inflatables.

24. Only N1 Inflatable Fun staff are authorized to collect the soft play, play equipment and/or inflatables. Under no circumstances should any of the equipment be handed over to anyone other than our staff. If you are unsure please contact N1 Inflatable Fun on the number provided.

25. Please ensure you take all reasonable precautions to protect the equipment from damage.

26. Most importantly please ensure that you take all reasonable precautions to protect the child from harm and danger.

27. If you are unsure about anything please contact us by calling 07402226842.


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